Hello multiverse!

My family and friends finally persuaded me to start a blog.  So here I am, emerging from my nice, comfortable rock to peer out at the universe.  I don’t know how well this is going to work: I think of it as an experiment.  I’m going to be posting, hopefully regularly, on writing, science, and pretty much everything under, inside and on the other side of the sun.

Who am I?  Depending on context, I’m a writer, a scientist, an animal of the species homo sapiens, a female and an Earthling.  You can read about my writing at my website. Currently:  I’m trying to finish two short stories, grade a towering mountain of papers, and get back into exercising, while attempting to do my part to save the world.

For those who are  curious: Antariksh Yatra translates from the Hindi into (more or less) Journey Through the Cosmos.  For those who like details: “Antariksh,” which means Cosmos, has only short vowels, and the accent, like so many Hindi words, is distributed equally over all the syllables.  “Yatra,” which means journey, has both a’s long, and accent about equal too.

I’d like to thank my daughter for helping me (a semi-luddite) set this up.

Best, Vandana


13 Responses to “Hello multiverse!”

  1. Kurt Says:

    If nothing else, you might want to copy some of your pieces from Jeff Vandemeer’s blog (when you were blogsitting) and pieces from your poor old abandoned blog–just to have a collection here. It’s not cheating, as long as you note the origin date and even point to the previous location (at least on Ecstatic Days). Those pieces are just as relevant now as they were when you first posted them. Save them and use them when you want to keep the blog alive and are too swamped to add something new.

  2. Anil Menon Says:

    Ant Rickshaws! What a cool idea. Best way to get around from one end of the Cosmos to the Other 🙂

    Here’s to the start of a great new conversation.

  3. Anita Roy Says:

    Blog away my dear. We speculative groupies from the South Asian part of the globe (anagram of e-blog!) await with baited breath further posts from under the towering pile of marking from our fave writer’s unceasingly fertile brain. Shabaash – and happy yatraing

  4. vsinghsblog Says:

    Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the encouragement.

    The marking of papers is proceeding at a rate comparable to the speed of ant rickshaws. Although I think I’d prefer traveling in an ant rickshaw, exploring the cosmos one grain at a time. 🙂

    More later,


  5. ysabet Says:

    Welcome to WordPress! I’ve been blogging for almost two years, first on LiveJournal and more recently using WordPress. Mine are:
    Gaiatribe: Ideas for a Thinking Planet
    Hypatia’s Hoard of Reviews
    The Wordsmith’s Forge
    I’ve written some stuff about the blogging process, too.

    You may find it helpful to promote your blog through Blog Catalog, MyBlogLog, BlogExplosion, or other directories and networks. I’ve gotten some good traffic from all three. Google FriendConnect is another option; I use it on other people’s blogs but don’t have it on mine.

  6. Charles Says:


    Welcome to the bloggerverse!

  7. Fabio Says:

    Welcome to the fold, Vandana! 🙂

  8. Mike Allen Says:

    Hi, Vandana! Great to see you in the blogosphere!

  9. Jason Erik Lundberg Says:

    Welcome to your new blog, Vandana. As ever, I look forward to whatever you choose to write about. 🙂

  10. vsinghsblog Says:

    Thanks, everyone! I’ll mostly be writing/ replying on weekends since my weekdays are hectic. More soon!


  11. sdn Says:

    hey, hi! it’s great to see you here.

  12. devil's advocate Says:

    I’m glad you had a De-lightfull Earth hour but its going to take a lot more of a lot less or its going to be an end of trees journey Ant-Vriksh Yatra.

  13. devil's advocate Says:

    I want to apologize if my previous comment sounds way cynical. Its not really. Just cautionary. I think people are increasingly aware of the realities of global warming but behavior change is not going to be easy.

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