Being the Change: Badlaav 2009

Quick Note: I’m preparing Part II of my impressions of the Kanpur Workshop but may not have time to post it until after I return (I leave tonight for the US).  The same goes for comments folks have posted, to which I promise a reply when I’m back.  But I HAD to shout this out from my rooftop:

Badlaav 2009!  Check it out! 

2 Responses to “Being the Change: Badlaav 2009”

  1. devil's advocate Says:

    mausum ki badlaav ki badlaav: hmm!! change climate change.
    Two changes = no change. Are we being short changed?

    Badlaav is a great name!
    We should all be the change we don’t want to see (In the climate context of course). Nice to see youth getting involved and India being so much more positive and confident about doing things than had been her wont in the past

  2. vsinghsblog Says:

    Hello, Devil’s Advocate,

    Thanks for the word-play! 🙂 We’re being short-changed all right. But hopefully these young and not so young people will do something about it.


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