Indigenous Amazonians confront Fossil Fools

This is inspiring:

But it also brings forth the question as to why Climate Change isn’t at the top of the coverage of our news media. 

I’m horribly jet-lagged but among the random thoughts jostling in my brain is this one: where is the science fiction about regular/ indigenous/ traditionally downpressed people in the world fighting climate change?  Because they are.  Maybe we SF writers should come out of little blinkered existences and take note of that.

More soon on the IIT workshop, etc.

P.S.  After posting this the first time I realized I meant to add this reference to an anthology of environmental SF.  Thanks to Bodhisattva (my student at IIT-K, whose knowledge of SF is impressive) for this reference:

Dream’s Edge, edited by Terry Carr, published in 1982.  The excerpt from the introduction, quoted on the amazon site, is well worth reading.


One Response to “Indigenous Amazonians confront Fossil Fools”

  1. devil's advocate Says:

    Interesting. Reminiscent of the Zapatista anti-NAFTA movements of the 90s in protest against tribal land sell-outs (sells-out-whatever) by the Mexican government.

    Beyond the reality or consequences of climate change this is about tribal and indigenous groups having control about their way of living and of land that they have lived on for centuries. While it is certainly true that many tribal groups are directly affected by climate change and are making themselves heard about it, the issue of take over of tribal lands by state players and commercial companies is larger than that. It is about global gobblers taking over local control and forcing people out of their traditional ways of life against their wishes. For example in Brazil, sugarcane based bio-diesel is actually touted as slowing down climate change being less carbon polluting than petroleum. Nevertheless, it is potentially a serious threat to the amazon, biodiversity.

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