Some Links

While I’m embroiled in other things, not least of which is getting ready for the fall semester and not being at Worldcon (boo hoo), here are some links.

First, Anil Menon, co-conspirator, has two very interesting posts on the SF Workshop at IIT-Kanpur.  Read Part 1 and Part 2.

 Second, here is an account of a protest in India against a coal-fired power plant — the largest such protest — what I hope is the tip of the iceberg of the Indian climate movement.

Third, when I was in Delhi recently there was a song going around that got into my head and shows no signs of getting out.  It was being sung over radio stations, by (as far as I could tell) taxi drivers and roadside loafers as well as folks in the family including my 3.5-year-old niece.  It’s from the movie Delhi 6 and is obviously folk-song-derived and has a great beat.  It’s called Genda Phool and I’ve been singing it around the house like there’s no tomorrow.  Here’s the youtube trailer of the song.  Enjoy! 

I’ll add more links as I come across/remember them.

5 Responses to “Some Links”

  1. Dr.Arvind Mishra Says:

    Sasural Genda fool – your love for this song is indicative of your strong cultural bonds with India and its ethos !
    May this remain intact in days to come !

  2. Josh Says:

    I’ve been watching this trailer repeatedly trying to learn Bachchan’s many virile dance moves, but it’s quite a challenge.

  3. Kurt Kremer Says:

    Here’s a link to the full music video on YouTube:

    There’s also a sidebar link on that page to a 4 minute version of the song with static images.

  4. Kurt Kremer Says:

    Let’s hope that next time there are a 100,000 and then a 1,000,000 people protesting the coal plants. It would be helpful to see them publish the cost in fertile land, human displacement, pollution (air, water, water table), cost and time to build and return, who the power plant will help, against cleaner solutions.

    That film tune is now stuck in my head–at least the music and refrain, displacing other songs speedskating round the back of my brain.

  5. Kurt Kremer Says:

    Thanks for the link to Anil’s posts on your workshop. I tell you, I’m signed up to read more about your journey–his posts and yours are, hands on the mat, the best, most enervating descriptions of a writing workshop I’ve read (and wish I had attended). I love the simple combo of “awareness” with methodology, with emphasis on awareness. And fearlesslness. In a workshop, the throat (not the balls) of every attendee should be blue. Perhaps you two will someday engineer a multicultural melange in the States and I’ll be able to participate. What you have both have created in your posts is a state of desire, not envy.

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