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The Beast with Nine Billion Feet

November 12, 2009

The Beast with Nine Billion Feet, By Anil Menon

As Anil Menon mentions in his interview over at SF Signal, his first book, a YA novel called The Beast with Nine Billion Feet, is out from Zubaan in India.  It is a great and complex yarn, unafraid of such things as Big Ideas, politics, Sanskrit poetry, Swedish exclamations, German jokes and family relationships.  Not to mention wild, cool future-tech.  (Full disclosure: I blurbed it, but you should read it anyway). 

Anil’s not sure about a sequel, which means people have to read the book and badger him until he writes one. 

In the meantime I asked him a couple of questions.

 The book’s had a longish birthing process and is finally, truly, out in the bookstores in India now.  How do you feel? 

Now that the book is out, there’s this feeling I haven’t totally wasted my life. Whether my readers love it or feed it to their goats, it’s a real, tangible something that they will love or hate. Now I can plan all sorts of fun adventures: exiles, deluges, virgin births, covenants, revelations… I think I’ll rest for a day.

Why did you decide to publish the book in India? 

There was never any doubt that the Beast would be an Indian book. I’m hoping the book will circumnavigate the world of course– there’s stuff in it Germans will love— but I wanted the road-trip to begin in India. I was confident I could find a publisher in the States and that the book would be marketed in India, sooner or later. But a novel from another land is always a traveler’s tale, and I didn’t want my book to be a traveler’s tale in India. I grew up on traveler’s tales, and desi kids still do, so yeah.

Yeah!  Time for a sequel, yaar.