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A Real Life “Avatar” Drama in Orissa, India

February 11, 2010

(Note: Post updated/corrected below)

The plotline of James Cameron’s movie Avatar is not new.  The question I want to ask of the world is: what do you do when it happens in real life?  For the people of a certain part of Orissa state in India, it is happening now.

Here’s the big, hungry corporation, the Korean steel giant, POSCO:

(Photo from this wikipedia site)

And here’s the opposition.

May 10, 2007: Rally Against POSCO – 6  Photo by Clea Chakraverty
(From the petitions page of the group AID)
James Cameron could probably buy POSCO with his spare change and avert this socio-ecological disaster in the making, but in real life (unlike Hollywood) there are few white knights coming in to rescue the natives.  The story of the natives thus becomes the story to tell.