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Dog Days

May 27, 2010

It has been a long time since I last posted here.  I don’t generally post about my personal life but this post is an exception, and a somewhat rambling one at that, so bear with me.  The main reason for my long silence is that I am currently embroiled in various crises, the most immediate and exhausting of which is my dog’s recent back surgery.  Three weeks ago he had a problem with a vertebral disc, and post-surgery his hind legs are still paralyzed.  I have been caring for him round-the-clock, changing his bedding in the night, cooking him chicken and vegetable stew, giving him massages and keeping his spirits up to the extent I can.  A proud, handsome, willful animal like him (he is a terrier mix) does not do well with disability.  But in these three exhausting, sleepless weeks he has mellowed a bit, gradually giving up his role as Chief Protector of the home, accepting, perhaps, that for now he needs to rest and get well.  It is hard to see him so helpless.  It is hard to go for weeks without a proper night’s sleep (I have been taking care of him almost single-handedly).  I have learned a lot of things in the past weeks: how to express a dog’s bladder, for instance.  But mostly I’ve learned that people, including strangers, can be utterly wonderful in times of crisis. 

So this is a post mostly about gratitude.