Something rather strange has happened in the past few weeks.  Despite having a very busy summer, with just as little sleep as during the semesters, plus a number of things to stress over, I have managed to write 3 stories.  In the past 5 weeks.  Counting the short piece I wrote for the VanderMeer Bestiary anthology warlier this year, I have now completed 4 stories in 2011.  As though this largesse (by my standards) was not enough, I am about to embark on completing a 5th story.  I am completely amazed.

My record for stories is 4 a year, which is pathetic and only happened once about 7 years ago.  I can’t believe that at a time like this I am able to break that record!  The Muse is back!  And whatever has been holding back my creativity over the years has been swept away.  I don’t know how long this will last but I am more grateful than I can say.

Of the five stories I expect to complete this year, three are old pieces I’d written some 2-3 years ago but couldn’t complete.  They were not only incomplete but fragmented, messy, stuck, and I had no idea how to fix them.  Suddenly this summer they’ve come to reveal themselves in ways that are mostly satisfactory.

Apart from the short piece Yakshantariksh for the Bestiary anthology, I have the following:

1.  A global warming story that I’ve submitted but haven’t heard back from the editor for a while

2. My first alternate history story.  I read from it at Readercon this year.  At that point it was not really complete but it is as of a couple of weeks ago.

3. A very strange story about an old woman scientist-musician reflecting and waiting on the eve (sort of) of her death

4.  My fifth story, still working on it: A story about a woman who leaves her village to find her child, and discovers surprising truths about the place she lives; the geography of this culture is something I’m very thrilled about.

So now, on to more mundane stuff, like laundry.

3 Responses to “Storycopia”

  1. Kurt Says:

    Agh, no, you’ve cursed the fifth story by speaking of it. Avert avert! It’s about a caterpillar who befriends a lost child and becomes its mother. It’s about an otter and a peacock who save a country from itself. It’s about a mysterious cloud of neutrinos who coalesce inot a visible cloud one day in a physics professor’s office and communicates in a mix of Italian and mathematics shorthand that turns out to be a formula for a non-polluting laundry detergent. It’s all of these tied together in the theme of surprise. (Phew, I hope this helps, but I’m worried it’s too late. Please let me know.)

  2. vsinghsblog Says:

    Wow, what an overactive imagination you have! I am in total envy!

    Actually the story is already thought out and about a third written. I don’t think I’ll have the time to finish it before the semester ends. I can’t tell you too much about it because there is a surprise about the setting (you’re right about the surprise bit) and the end of the journey.

    I guess I did jinx it because I wasn’t able to work on it after the summer. 😦

  3. Kurt Says:

    Yes, but it’s only imaginary envy. And the story will come back. Like they say in the horror movies, “They always do.”

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